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YouTube app for Android updated with 'Watch later' and +1 button

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Google has updated its YouTube Android app to version 2.3.4. The update includes the +1 button, "watch later" queue, and the ability to edit video info while it's uploading.

Youtube app update
Youtube app update

YouTube isn't just getting a Google+ makeover on its website, the social network is also making inroads on the app front. Google has updated its YouTube app for Android, which now has a +1 button available on every video. Other improvements include the ability to edit the info of a video while you're uploading it, as well as the ability to queue videos in a "Watch later" list. After updating, you can find your "Watch later" list by hitting the Menu button, selecting "My Channel," and then tapping the "Playlists" tab. Version 2.3.4 of the YouTube app is available to download now from the Android Market.