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HTC Rezound 2750mAh extended battery is gigantic

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A very large extended battery for the HTC Rezound has been released, increasing overall battery life by over a third.

Rezound extended battery
Rezound extended battery

At 0.54 inches thick, the HTC Rezound is already far from the thinnest smartphone LTE smartphone on Verizon — that distinction belongs to the Droid RAZR. HTC has included a 1620mAh battery within that frame, which should get you through a regular day, as we found in our review. However, there are times when you need more and HTC is obliging with an extended battery for the Rezound. Clocking in at 2750mAh, the extended battery is not fooling around when it comes to added juice, but the thickness it adds to the Rezound is substantial. Htcpedia, which briefly examined the battery, estimates that the total thickness the the extended battery is 3/4 of a inch.

The battery comes with a cover to accommodate its girth which matches the original's textured back but does away with the Beats Audio branding. The back is especially important because the antenna for the Rezound is built into it — so it's likely that if you're looking for an extended battery for the Rezound, this is your only option. However, there may be also an inductive charging option on the way, if HTC's modification to its FCC filing for the device is any indication. The battery retails for somewhere in the neighborhood of $50.