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Toshiba Thrive upgraded to Android 3.2

Toshiba has issued an Android 3.2 update to its 10-inch Thrive tablet. The update adds a new compatibility mode for improved rendering of Android phone apps.


With the release of the Thrive 7 just around the corner in December, it's nice to know Toshiba hasn't forgotten about its original 10-inch slate.

The company has released an Android 3.2 upgrade to the original Thrive, bringing it OS parity with its smaller cousin. The update to Android 3.2 brings with it a few encouraging additions. These include a new compatibility mode that improves the way the OS renders applications designed for smaller devices (i.e., phone apps), as well as improved screen rotation acceleration. Unfortunately, the update does little to mitigate our original complaints about the Thrive when we reviewed it in June.

Thrive owners should note that Toshiba has stated users' YouTube and Android Market widgets may disappear from their home screens following the upgrade, and ought not to freak out (or words to that effect). The download is available now.