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LG Optimus LTE coming to Bell Canada November 22nd for $149.95

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The LG Optimus LTE is expected to be available on Bell Canada on November 22nd for $149.95 on-contract.

optimus lte
optimus lte

The LG Optimus LTE been somewhat lost in the excitement about the Galaxy Nexus, even though it has impressive set of specs in its own right, including a non-pentile 4.5-inch, 1280 x 720 IPS display that has a higher pixel density than Samsung's flagship phone (326ppi vs. 316ppi). That may soon change, as it's set to arrive in North America on Bell Canada after previously launching in Korea last month. Mobile Syrup has reported that the Gingerbread-powered device is expected to be available on November 22nd for $149.95 on a three-year contract or $629.95 contract-free. We've also heard rumors that the Optimus LTE could arrive in the US on AT&T as the Nitro HD, giving the carrier a viable alternative to the Galaxy Nexus come this holiday season. Check out the hands-on video below.