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Verizon readying red Droid Incredible 2 for holiday push?

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Verizon may be prepping an all-red version of its Droid Incredible 2 — just in time for the holiday shopping season.

Red Droid Incredible 2
Red Droid Incredible 2

Verizon has been adding to its high-end Android offerings with the recent release of the HTC Rezound and the Droid RAZR — but that doesn't mean Big Red is writing off its older phones. According to leaks from Droid Life and Phandroid, the carrier will be launching a new all-red version of the Droid Incredible 2 on either November 24th or 25th, just in time for the start of the holiday shopping season. The changes should be cosmetic only, which means you'll be getting the same 4-inch screen, 8-megapixel rear-facing camera, and 1Ghz Snapdragon processor as the original, running HTC's Sense atop Gingerbread. Assuming it is reasonably priced, a red Droid Incredible 2 could be an attractive option for some buyers — and given that the Galaxy Nexus won't arrive until December 8th, it may at least have the chance to make a splash of its own come Black Friday.