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Samsung Galaxy S gets unofficial Ice Cream Sandwich port, new ROM still needs some work

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The Android modding community has come through once again, delivering an Ice Cream Sandwich port for Samsung's original Galaxy S — though there are some caveats.

Ice Cream Sandwich on the Galaxy S
Ice Cream Sandwich on the Galaxy S

The Android modding community has already taken advantage of the release of the Ice Cream Sandwich source code by delivering unofficial ports for the Samsung Galaxy S II and the LG Optimus 3D. Now we can add the original Samsung Galaxy S to the list. The ported ROM works only with the international version of Samsung's phone — owners of US variants like the Captivate and Vibrant will have to wait — and is clearly still in the early stages. Calling, SMS, and Wi-Fi are all functional, but other basics like 3G data, the camera, and GPS are still a no-go. Given the dedication of Android developers, it's no doubt just a matter of time before these obstacles are hurdled, and with Samsung silent on the status of an official ICS update, this may be the only option for Galaxy S lovers. If the port sounds like it might be for you, check out the source link below for instructions on how to upgrade.