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Android Design Preview mirrors your desktop design mockups live to your phone

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A Google employee launched this week Android Design Preview, a utility for developers and designers that lets you mirror a portion of your screen onto an Android phone.

Android Design Preview
Android Design Preview

Google's Roman Nurik launched a tool this week called Android Design Preview, which makes it a little easier for Android developers and designers to see what their apps will actually look like. The tool lets you mirror a portion of your computer's screen onto your Android phone, and it updates live to show all the changes you've made (iOS has had similar apps for a while, like the popular LiveView), so you can better design for the smaller screen. The app requires a USB connection to your phone to work, and you'll have to be running the Android SDK, but It looks like a useful tool for developers that want to see how their app will look when it's out of Photoshop and onto an actual handset. The app is free and open-source, and works on Mac, Windows, and Linux, so hit the source link to get it for yourself.