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Route 66 Maps + Navigation with augmented reality finally arrives at the Android Market

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Route 66 Maps + Navigation is finally available for Android. Its Follow Me feature uses your camera and superimposes a lead car that shows you where to drive onto the tablet or smartphone screen.

Route 66 Maps + Navigation stock
Route 66 Maps + Navigation stock

Route 66 said Maps + Navigation was coming to the Android Market back in April, and now it's finally arrived. The app is similar to other navigation programs, but its Follow Me augmented reality mode uses your smartphone or tablet camera to display the actual road in front of you with a lead car that shows you where to turn superimposed onto the scene. Navigation is an optional premium service, along with information on speed cameras and traffic, but the app comes with a free 30-day trial of the full experience until December 31st. After that, a lifetime subscription for worldwide navigation is $64.99, or $39.99 if you don't want to use it outside the US. You can watch a demo video at the Android Market, but the one below does double duty by also satisfying your appetite for 1970s public television.