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Acer Liquid Express includes NFC, is free with contract in UK

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The Acer Liquid Express is now available in the UK. It has mid-range specs for an Android smartphone, but adds NFC for mobile payments.

Acer Liquid Express
Acer Liquid Express

Acer's Liquid Express is now shipping, and if there's anything memorable about the phone, it's that it might finally help NFC spread to the mid-range Android market. The 3.5-inch Express is the same size as most of the Liquid line, includes the same 5-megapixel camera, and has the 800MHz processor of the Liquid MT. There's no word yet on internal memory, but it comes bundled with a standard 2GB microSD card. It's also free with even the cheapest two-year contracts on both T-Mobile and Orange. That means the Liquid Express is a cheap way to join the NFC future, although you'll be doing it on a phone with specs that will rapidly be from the past.