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Atari's Greatest Hits now available for Android

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Atari's Greatest Hits has been available on iOS since April but now it has finally come to Android. The app is free and comes with Missile Commander or you can buy 4-packs of games for $0.99 or the entire catalog of 100 games for $9.99. Available titles include Asteroids, Centipede, and Lunar Lander, Battlezone and more.

Atari Greatest Hits Android
Atari Greatest Hits Android

Atari's Greatest Hits is finally available on Android — iOS users can now stop gloating. The app itself is free and comes with Missile Command preloaded — additional packs of four games are $0.99, or you can buy the entire 100-game catalog for $9.99. Thats less than $0.10 per game and a great deal if your appetite for classic Atari just can't be sated with anything less than 40 titles. Some of the standouts available are Asteroids, Centipede, and Lunar Lander, but some classics like Joust, River Raid, and Donkey Kong are sadly absent (the full list is at the source). With most Android emulators now gone, maybe this will help fill that gap. Check out the promo video below.