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Hyperspeed-esque Android launcher hidden in ICS

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An alternative launcher that resembles hyperspeed has been found hidden in Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

Android ICS 4.0 Star Wars hyperspeed Rocket Launcher
Android ICS 4.0 Star Wars hyperspeed Rocket Launcher

Instead of going with the herd and swiping through staid pages of apps and widgets, now you can watch a Star Wars hyperspeed-esque spacescape and pick your apps as they come flying by you, thanks to a hidden launcher in Ice Cream Sandwich. It's not the first Easter egg that we've seen in ICS (see second YouTube video below), and it's a bit crazy, but it's also undeniably awesome. To increase its utility somewhat you can slow down its speed by tapping the screen, which makes it a bit easier to poke at the app you're looking for. If you want in on the fun, all you need to do is install and run LauncherPro and make a desktop shortcut by holding down on the screen and choosing "shortcuts" and then "activities." If you scroll down the list to "launcher" and then select "Rocket Launcher," you'll have a shortcut on your screen that'll run the space-themed app navigator. Maybe someday we'll see a hack to let you use this when you click the home button, but for now you'll need to get your laughs in from the shortcut.

[Thanks, James!]