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Droid 4 QWERTY slider revealed, Droid Xyboard LTE tablets coming this month to Verizon

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Droid 4 and Droid Xyboard tablets get a preview over at CNET. Xyboard tablets will be released this month on Verizon.

Droid 4 open
Droid 4 open

Motorola's been showing off its Verizon-branded Droid 4 and Droid Xyboard tablets to the CNET staff, and they've got the images to prove it. The Droid 4, you'll recall, is a 4-inch 1.2GHz dual-core LTE slider rumored for a December 8th release. It's also an exact match to the device caught by Droid Life back in October. The 8-inch Droid Xyboard (aka, Xoom 2 Media Edition) and 10-inch Droid Xyboard (aka, Xoom 2) tablets also rumored for a December 8th launch will definitely launch this month, according to CNET, with LTE radios in tow. Moto also demonstrated a wireless keyboard and cover attachment that turn the Xyboard into a makeshift laptop, as well as a dock that supports the tablets in portrait mode. All soon to be forgotten of course, especially if these new Droids are launched alongside the Verizon Galaxy Nexus as we suspect.