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Developers downgrade Nook Tablet firmware, sideload apps in peace

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After Barnes & Noble updated the Nook Tablet to remove root access and prevent sideloading of apps, hackers found a way to restore the device to its earlier, root-friendly state.

Nook Tablet
Nook Tablet

Barnes & Noble clearly doesn't want you to sideload apps onto your Nook Tablet — it sent an automatic, non-optional firmware update to the Nook Tablet this week, which disabled sideloading and removed root access. An xda-developers member didn't like that, and found a way to restore the device to firmware 1.4.0 just by downloading a file to a micro SD card and booting the tablet from the card. The eBook Reader Blog posted some simple instructions for the hack, as well as a way to keep the Nook Tablet from automatically updating in the future. With a little elbow grease, the Nook Tablet can be as wide open as any tablet out there. Thanks to hacks like this, it looks like it has a good chance of staying that way.