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Logitech Revue Android 3.1 update starts rolling out

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Android 3.1 update for Logitech Revue starts rolling out in the US.

Logitech review
Logitech review

Logitech may not be committed to future Google TV hardware, but that doesn't mean it's not supporting the current Revue. A little over a month after it hit Sony's Google TV products, the Android 3.1 update is rolling out now to Logitech's set top box, complete with the new interface and faster search, access to the Android Market, new Google Music integration, and new YouTube and Photos apps.

The update hasn't seen a wide rollout as of this writing, but that will be coming this week according to a post on the official Logitech Blog. Revue owners will automatically be prompted to update when their box is connected and powered on.