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PlayStation Store comes to certified Sony Ericsson Android phones in Japan

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The Playstation Store is now available on more Android phones in Japan, with 23 titles available for initial purchase. Pricing is from 600 yen, and Minna no Golf 2 is available as a free download until February 8th.

xperia playstation suite
xperia playstation suite

The PlayStation Store is now open for business on a range of PlayStation Suite-certified Sony Ericsson Android phones in Japan. Sony released 23 original PS One games onto the store, with prices starting at 600 yen, and is throwing Minna no Golf 2 (released as Hot Shots Golf 2 in the US) in as a freebie for the next two months. The store can be used on Docomo's Xperia Arc SO-01C and Acro SO-02C, along with KDDI's Acro IS11S, joining the Xperia Play which has had the ability since its Japanese launch in October. No word on an international release for these games, but we wouldn't hold our breath considering the selection available. It's a pretty esoteric list, largely made up of titles that never saw the light of day outside Japan back in the original PlayStation era — those of you clamoring for a portable version of Ganbare Morikawa-kun 2-gou should probably start booking your flights.