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Nuance Dragon Go! voice control arrives for Android

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Dragon Go! comes to Android, offering voice-recognition and navigation via natural-language queries.

Dragon Go!
Dragon Go!

Nuance has been on something of a tear lately, adding its voice-recognition technology to Swype and, at CES 2012, introducing Dragon TV, a platform for voice-controlled televisions. Now the company's got one more announcement: Dragon Go! for Android, a voice-control app that understands natural-language queries. The comparisons to Siri are inevitable, especially considering Nuance's technology powers parts of Apple's product, and Dragon Go! offers similar functionality. Ask it a question such as, "What's the best Thai food near me?" and you'll get a selection of Yelp reviews; asking for dinner reservations brings up OpenTable, and asking for movie times delivers Fandango results.

Whatever your query, the results are collated in the app's Dragon Carousel, which also recognizes when you want to perform a particular action so searching for the chemical symbol for boron takes you to the answer from WolframAlpha. Nuance touts the app's integration with over 200 content sites, from AccuWeather to to Facebook and Twitter, which should give you plenty to talk about.