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Notion Ink releases Alpha ICS build, teases new hardware

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Notion Ink releases Alpha Ice Cream Sandwich build for its Adam Android tablet.

Notion Ink Adam
Notion Ink Adam

Notion Ink's Adam tablet might not be the most desirable Android tablet out there, but owners will be happy to hear the company has announced an alpha build of Ice Cream Sandwich for the device. Before you go rushing off to install the build, take note that the camera, 3G, USB storage, light sensor, and USB flash drive do not work at all in this test copy. There are also some issues with YouTube HD videos and HDMI sound. If you're still interested then hit the source link to download the update.

Notion Ink founder, Rohan Shravan, also hinted at a future device in his blog post announcing the ICS update. Shravan claims Notion Ink will build new hardware in-house with "every resistor, IC, bus lane, etc…designed and selected" by the company. Details on the future hardware are sketchy, but Notion Ink plans to share more news next week alongside a new blog detailing its development efforts.