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Sprint Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch Android 4.0 update on the way?

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It looks like Sprint is making preparations to upgrade its Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch to Android 4.0, based on an RDF file found on the carrier's site.

epic 4g touch
epic 4g touch

Samsung has already let the world know that the Galaxy S II will be getting updated to Android 4.0 sometime early this year, but we weren't sure exactly when that'd work out with the myriad of variant devices on US carriers. If an RDF file linked to on the xda-developers forum is to be believed, though, it looks like Sprint's version, the Epic 4G Touch, will be getting in on the action fairly soon. The file says software number FB10 is for Android 4.0.3, though it may not be the final update pushed to users. No official word from Sprint on the matter yet, but it's the first evidence we've seen of the carrier making its Ice Cream Sandwich preparations.