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UK retailer Clove halts Transformer Prime sales over 'complaints of faults'

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UK retailer Clove has stopped selling Asus' Transformer Prime devices as it is not satisfied the units are working correctly.

Transformer Prime screen
Transformer Prime screen

British retailer Clove has stopped selling Asus' Transformer Prime device over quality control concerns. Clove, which specializes in shipping mobile products, has canceled all existing orders and will not sell any Prime units "until further notice." The company claims it has tested its existing stock because of complaints of faults, and it is not satisfied that the units are working correctly.

Asus' Transformer Prime has suffered from a number of bugs and quirks since its introduction last year. Asus says it is hopeful it will fix some random lockups in February that users are experiencing following the recent Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade. The company has also identified an issue with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth fallout that it plans to fix this month. The Prime GPS issues are well documented, but Clove's halt on sales shows that some UK customers have been complaining about the faults enough to force a retailer to pull its availability.

Asus extended the warranty of the Transformer Prime in the UK, from 12 to 18 months previously, and the company has responded to Clove's sales halt denying that there are any issues. "We have conducted extensive testing on the Transformer Prime in laboratory conditions and the device is performing as expected in all areas," said an Asus spokesperson, speaking to CNET UK. "We refute any and all claims from third parties regarding the quality of our products."