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Nvidia confirms quad-core smartphones for MWC via press invite

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Nvidia will offer a sneak peek at quad-core handsets during its Mobile World Congress 2012 press event.

Nvidia mobile world congress
Nvidia mobile world congress

We were already expecting to see some Tegra 3 Android devices in Barcelona and Nvidia has all but confirmed this by sending out press invites this week, offering a sneak peek at its "quad-core firsts" during Mobile World Congress (MWC). The image includes a smartphone, hinting there's some details to be shared on some of the first quad-core Android handsets. We saw the first Android quad-core handset at CES 2012, but it was displayed behind glass so we've only had hands-on time with the Tegra 3 tablet variety.

Previous leaks suggest that HTC and LG are both planning Tegra 3-powered devices featuring a 4.7-inch display with 720p resolution. Although we can't be certain that both handsets will be unveiled at Mobile World Congress, Nvidia seems ready to detail some of its own Tegra 3 quad-core work. With the additional rumors of a quad-core HTC tablet launch in Barcelona, it looks like MWC 2012 is setting the stage for the year of quad-core mobile devices.