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Samsung Droid Charge gets Verizon's remote diagnostics app in FP1 software update

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Verizon is rolling out an OTA update to the Samsung Droid Charge, adding the carrier's Remote Diagnostics app to the Android phone along with an assortment of bug fixes.

Droid Charge
Droid Charge

Verizon recently rolled out a new app to the LG Revolution that will allow the carrier's customer support representatives to remotely diagnose and troubleshoot the device, and now the Samsung Droid Charge is getting the same feature as well. It's part of a new software update — dubbed FP1 — and while users won't be receiving a surprise upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich, the new firmware does include some minor tweaks and fixes. Audio call quality is said to have been addressed, as well as a bug where the phone's dial pad would stop generating tones when in the midst of a call. Updated versions of Google Books and Gmail are also bundled with the update, with FP1's full list of changes available on Verizon's site. The 85MB download is rolling out as an OTA update now, and with Verizon apparently seeing remote diagnostics as a key part of its customer support efforts moving forward, we wouldn't be surprised to see the app land on more Verizon Android devices sooner rather than later.