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'Temple Run' not yet available for Droid RAZR or Bionic

'Temple Run' not yet available for Droid RAZR or Bionic


Temple Run is finally available for Android, but curiously enough, Motorola's Droid RAZR and Droid Bionic aren't among the supported devices.

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After a long wait, Temple Run is finally available for Android — but it isn't available for Motorola's Droid Bionic or even its flagship Droid RAZR. Droid-Life spoke to Imangi Studios, the company behind the game, who said it "hopes [the game will] be available on those devices in the future" but didn't give a specific timeframe as to when that will be. We checked for ourselves on a Droid RAZR and can confirm the game isn't available on the device in either the Google Play or Amazon App Stores. As Droid-Life notes, the Droid 4, a device which runs on a very similar chipset to the RAZR and Bionic, is one of the devices capable of running the app — which brings up serious questions about Android fragmentation. This is not a rare occurrence in the Android world, as Grand Theft Auto III launched on Android with support only for "select" dual-core devices. Hopefully this will be a problem we see less and less in the future — but only time will tell.