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Sony Xperia S to cost $99.99 on April 17th with three-year Rogers contract, available in 'limited quantities'

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Sony has announced that the Xperia S will come out in Canada on April 17th at Sony Stores. It's said to cost $99.99 with a three year contract on Rogers.

Gallery Photo: Sony Xperia S unboxing and hands-on
Gallery Photo: Sony Xperia S unboxing and hands-on

If you've been jealously waiting to get the Sony Xperia S in North America while the Europeans have enjoyed it for weeks, you'll be relieved to hear that the Gingerbread-toting smartphone will launch in Canada on April 17th. Unfortunately it looks like you'll have difficulty getting your hands on one, however, as it's only being released at Sony Stores in "limited quantities." There's no word yet on how much the phone will cost you, but MobileSyrup reports that it'll come in at $99.99 with a three-year contract on Rogers. If you're still figuring out whether or not you want to commit to Sony's first Ericsson-free smartphone, be sure to read our review.