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GSM Galaxy Nexus owners reporting cellular connectivity issues after 4.0.4 update

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Some GSM Galaxy Nexus owners have found that their phones are losing the ability to stay connected to the cell network when in standby mode after updating to Android 4.0.4.

Galaxy Nexus
Galaxy Nexus

Android 4.0.4 rolled out to the GSM Samsung Galaxy Nexus last week, but some users appear to be running into problems after the OTA update. According to threads at xda-developers and on Google's Android forums, users are discovering that their phones are losing cellular connectivity if left in standby mode, rendering them unable to receive phone calls, texts, or maintain any sort of data connection. Those with rooted devices have reportedly been able to determine that the connection drop does not occur if background processes — Google+'s instant uploading feature is cited — are taxing the processor. Changing the phone's minimum processor clock speed to 700MHz via third-party means is also said to alleviate the issue. The problem doesn't appear to be affecting all users, but if you're noticing the problem on your own Galaxy Nexus, several xda-developers posters have found that restoring their devices back to 4.0.2 returns things to normal working order.