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Facebook Messenger for Android updated with UI tweaks and speed enhancements

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The Facebook Messenger app for Android has been updated with some new UI tweaks and quicker access to messaging your friends.

Facebook Messenger Android
Facebook Messenger Android

Facebook for Android may be in the Google Play Store's top ten, but it's not the only app to get attention from the social media giant: Facebook has released an update to the Facebook Messenger app as well. The new version boasts a tweaked UI and has made it simpler and faster to start up both one-on-one and group conversations. Better support for Ice Cream Sandwich devices and a number of bugfixes are also included. The update largely matches one that came to iOS back on March 19th, which featured a similar set of visual and speed enhancements. If you'd like to take a look at the updated app yourself — and you have a device running Android 2.2 or higher — it's available now in the Google Play Store.