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Samsung Infuse 4G Gingerbread update available now, one year after release

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Samsung has re-released its Infuse 4G Gingerbread update following an issue affecting "a small number of users" that made the company pull the update a couple of months ago. The update requires you to download the Kies Mini software and connect the phone to your computer.

Infuse 4G (hardware)
Infuse 4G (hardware)

We're now well into April 2012, and finally owners of Samsung's Infuse 4G can update their phones to Android 2.3, Gingerbread. It's been a long and sad journey for AT&T's skinny, HSPA+ device. This isn't the first time an official update to Gingerbread has been released to the nearly year-old product: Samsung made a upgrade available in February but then pulled it due to an issue affecting "a small number of users." Now, a couple of months later, AT&T and Samsung have fixed the problem and updated the device to last year's version of Android. Considering how long of a wait it's been, it looks like the Infuse 4G will be resigned to the same fate as the Galaxy S — stuck without Android 4.0 and held back by TouchWiz. If you're looking to update your phone, check the source link for the instructions.