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Firefox 14 beta for Android now available, features revamped UI

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Mozilla has updated Firefox for Android to version 14, bringing a new UI and a few upgrades to Androidphones.

Firefox Beta Android official
Firefox Beta Android official

Firefox 13 beta was released just a few weeks ago, but Mozilla isn't one to sit still for long. The 14th version of the Firefox for Android Beta is now available for download, bringing a redesigned user interface and start page, buffed up touch support by tweaking panning and zooming gestures, and adding support for Adobe Flash. Mozilla has also squashed a few bugs and revamped the Awesome Bar to better integrate bookmarks and your browsing history. The update is currently only available for Android phones running Android Froyo 2.2 or higher — tablets won't update past version 13, but Mozilla has stated that a tablet-ready version is on the way.

If you're currently running the Firefox Beta, sit tight — an update will be pushed to you shortly. If you'd like to help things along, you can grab Firefox Beta from Google play.