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Sony Xperia T featuring AT&T's logo spotted in press photo, sign of things to come?

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Sony's upcoming flagship Android device, the Xperia T, has been spotted in a press photo with AT&T's logo on it.

Phones4U Sony Xperia T AT&T leak
Phones4U Sony Xperia T AT&T leak

It's only been a week since we first laid eyes (and hands) on Sony's new flagship, the Xperia T, at IFA 2012 in Berlin, and now we have a hint of at least one US carrier that will offer the device. A photo posted in British retailer Phones 4u's site inadvertently shows the 4.6-inch device emblazoned with AT&T's signature globe logo on the front, not unlike how it is on the Atrix HD.

That's all that there is to go off of for now, but, as Android Central points out, the supposed AT&T variant features two seams on the back of the device — something that wasn't at all present on the models we handled in Berlin. It's certainly curious that a British retailer would receive a product photo clearly meant for the US market, but we'll just have to wait and see if this leak is a forebear of things to come or just full of hot air. For reference, AT&T's only Sony phone at the moment is the Xperia Ion, which is available now on-contract for $99.99.