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How Larry Page is making Google faster, more focused, and more successful

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Larry Page
Larry Page

it's been nearly two years since Google co-founder Larry Page took over as CEO, after Eric Schmidt held the position for a decade. Fortune has just released a look at his reign, with details on how Page quickly reorganized Google upon becoming CEO to re-inject Google's famous entrepreneurial and innovative spirit into the company. Page also re-focused a company that was pouring lots of time and effort into products that weren't essential to Google's mission. While the company certainly still dabbles in a wide variety of projects, Page's restructuring and discontinuation of less important offerings has allowed it to quickly execute and focus on the things that matter most — for example, Google Now was turned around in just a bit over six months. There are quite a few quotes from those who've seen Page in action, as well as from the CEO himself (with a lot more here in Fortune's in-depth interview from last month) — overall, it's a deep look into how the company has changed under his leadership.