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How big is too big? And when does a company become so big that the government is forced to step in and make it smaller? Politicians have been struggling with those questions for at least a hundred years. But as the latest generation of tech companies has taken shape, the questions are becoming more and more relevant to internet giants like Google and Facebook. There’s a new movement in Washington to break up those companies, whether through a Justice Department lawsuit or an old-school appeal to the Sherman Antitrust Act. It’s a struggle Microsoft fended off in the ‘90s, and it has only grown more urgent in the years since. As Amazon has taken a stranglehold of online retail, Jeff Bezos’ company has started to attract antitrust attention as well, with figures like Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Lina Khan taking aim at Amazon’s cutthroat competitive strategies. If it succeeds, it would be one of the most ambitious government projects in a generation — but success is still a long way off.

Google found guilty of restricting Android forks in South Korea, fined $177 million

Dems push for federal probe of alleged ad collusion between Google and Facebook

Google allegedly offered Netflix a break on the usual Play Store commission

Apple’s $100 million settlement agreement “clarifies” App Store rules for developers, but doesn’t change much

Developers can email you about payment options that bypass Apple’s cut, which they could already do

Apple will take a smaller cut of publishers’ sales if they join Apple News

Senators target Apple’s App Store exclusivity in new bill

Elon Musk calls Apple’s App Store fees a ‘de facto global tax on the Internet’

Microsoft is facing a subpoena for millions of documents in Google’s antitrust case

Epic files new complaint in its antitrust suit against Google

Biden to nominate Google critic Jonathan Kanter to lead DOJ antitrust division

Facebook says FTC chair shouldn’t help decide the future of its antitrust case

The FTC has reportedly opened an investigation into Amazon’s MGM acquisition

Google feared Samsung Galaxy Store and tried to quash it, lawsuit alleges

Google faces new antitrust lawsuit over Google Play Store fees

Rep. Ken Buck is the new face of Republican antitrust

Meet the Republican behind the House’s bipartisan antitrust deal

FTC says Broadcom violated antitrust law with TV set-top box deals

Don’t back down from Facebook fight, lawmakers tell FTC

Federal Trade Commission expands antitrust powers in Chair Lina Khan’s first open proceeding

Amazon says new FTC chair shouldn’t regulate it because she’s too mean

Sen. Warren calls for investigation of Google’s ‘Project Bernanke’

Sen. Warren calls for ‘meticulous’ review of Amazon’s MGM acquisition

Federal court dismisses FTC’s bid to unwind Instagram from Facebook

UK antitrust watchdog investigating Amazon and Google over fake reviews

Big Tech edges closer to break up after deeply unhinged markup

Tim Cook called Nancy Pelosi to warn her against disrupting the iPhone with impending antitrust bills

Big Tech lobbyists are fighting "tooth and nail" against regulation

The FTC is reportedly poised to probe Amazon’s MGM acquisition

Google’s ad tech services hit by formal EU antitrust investigation

Microsoft should face the same antitrust scrutiny as Facebook, Republican says

How Republicans and Democrats are gearing up to fight tech monopolies

Tech antitrust pioneer Lina Khan will officially lead the FTC

House lawmakers introduce five bipartisan bills to unwind tech monopolies

Google will stop charging search providers for chance to be Android default in Europe