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Founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne, Apple is best known for making some of the world's most ubiquitous consumer devices, software, and services: the iPhone, iPad, iMac and MacBook computers, Apple TV, Apple Watch, iOS, iCloud, iTunes, Apple Music, Apple Pay, and many more. Led by CEO Tim Cook since 2011, Apple is one of the largest technology companies in the world alongside Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and Facebook.

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Apple iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max review: by the numbers

Apple didn’t choose the USB-C life, but boy are we glad it got here anyway.


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Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 review: small but smart improvements

Iterative updates aren’t flashy, but these smartwatches are mainly for folks who don’t have Apple Watches yet.

Halide now offers special Action Button features when you’re inside the app.

When you’re using Halide, the Action Button on the iPhone 15 Pro phones can now, according to the app’s patch notes for version 2.13:

Toggle manual or autofocus

Cycle through your lenses

Switch between auto and manual exposure modes

Switch between 12 and 48MP capture modes

Toggle RAW capture

and even capture a photo! (though, with a delay - we suggest using the volume button instead)

There are more details in the patch notes, so I encourage you to read them for yourself. Using a Shortcut, you can also use the Action Button to open up Halide, too.

Everything we know about Apple’s Vision Pro headset

Apple announced Vision Pro, its long-rumored virtual and augmented reality headset, at WWDC 2023. Here’s a timeline of all the details that have emerged about the device over the years and what we know so far.

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Apple is testing new options for StandBy in iOS 17.1.

The second beta of the upcoming iOS release adds options for a StandBy display to shut off automatically, after 20 seconds, or never, as reported by MacRumors. There are a handful of other additions, too, and watchOS 10.1 beta users can now try Double Tap.

I wore the Apple Vision Pro. It’s the best headset demo ever.

Apple’s new don’t-call-it-a-VR-headset is the best riff on some very familiar ideas, but still searching for a purpose.

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Apple’s sweaty iPhone fix might be coming in iOS 17.0.3.

Apple acknowledged over the weekend that the iPhone 15 Pro can run a little hot, but said it’s an iOS 17 software issue and it would be fixed soon.

Today, MacRumors reported that Apple is testing iOS 17.0.3 internally; perhaps, as the outlet speculates, that’s the software update that ends our hot iPhone 15 summer. Perhaps.

That $50,000 Mac Pro you bought in 2019 can’t make apps for the Vision Pro.

Developer Steve Troughton-Smith spotted a fun little note today on the download page for the Xcode 15.1 beta that says a Mac with Apple Silicon is required if you want to develop for visionOS.

So alas, you can’t use a decked-out 2019 Mac Pro ($400 wheel upgrade included, of course). But buy a base-model M1 MacBook Air from 2020 for under a grand? Go forth, my friend.

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You, me, and UI

The Apple Lisa was a design revolution — and it still feels like one today

The Lisa helped create the design language for computers as we know them. Here’s what it’s like to use one.

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Are BMW wireless chargers breaking iPhone 15 Pro NFC readers?

Over the weekend, MacRumors reported that several commenters on its forums complained that their iPhone 15 Pro NFC chips were dying after sitting on their BMWs’ wireless charging pads.

We reached out to both Apple and BMW to see if there was any reason to believe that’s possible, and Jay Hanson, a spokesperson for BMW’s product and technology group, replied via email:

We’re looking into this ... We’ll get back in touch as soon as we have something.

Apple has not yet responded. Hopefully, we’ll know more soon.

*Will Smith voice* Welcome to Miami.

Lionel Messi may not be playing much lately, but the Apple TV Plus promotional machine keeps chugging along. Today we have the first trailer for Messi Meets America, a six-part docuseries about the Argentina superstar’s arrival in MLS — which has been a big deal for Apple’s ambitions as a streamer. The show premieres on October 11th.

We love a good home screen.

Inspired by X CEO Linda Yaccarino flashing her home screen during her Code Conference interview, many of my colleagues at The Verge have been sharing their own home screens on Threads.

The fools! Now I’ve collected them and put them into a gallery here for all to see. (Don’t worry, I included my own.)

Anyway, did you get in on this bit? Share a link to yours in the comments! Or don’t. I’m not your boss.

A screenshot of an iPhone homescreen.


Alex Cranz loves weather.
Screenshot: Alex Cranz
New Marimba ringtone just dropped.

Drummer James Edge got down on Apple’s “Marimba” ringtone in this TikTok, and it’s now the soundtrack for the rest of my work day.

And as a bonus, here he is doing Toe Jam & Earl, too.

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YouTube is testing a slight mobile app redesign.

9to5Google spotted a change in the Android YouTube app that removes the “Library” tab from the bottom of the app, replacing it with a new “You” tab that takes you to the same place but with some slight differences. I see the same in the iOS app, while my colleague Victoria Song does not.

Other things have shuffled around a bit — YouTube Premium benefits are now in the You tab instead of tucked in the menu that tapping your profile picture in the top right used to show, for instance.