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macOS is Apple's operating system for the Mac. It has been around quite a long time, but in its current form it really started in 2001 with Mac OS X 10.1. It's built on top of a UNIX core, which makes it very stable, versatile, and great for developers. It's popular with creators too, as a good platform for video editing and photography. More recently, Apple has begun working to bring iOS apps to the Mac, which could change how MacBooks, iMacs, Mac Pros, and Mac Minis work for everybody.

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This stream has:

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Universal Control won’t be coming to macOS Monterey until sometime this spring

Apple’s upcoming macOS 12.1 update will fix the MacBook Pro’s notch and menu bar issues

Luna Display’s latest update lets you use a Mac as a second PC display

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New ‘Scale to fit’ option shrinks the whole screen to hide the notch

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macOS Monterey is officially launching on October 25th

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Higher-end Mac Mini reportedly landing ‘in the next several months’

1Password 8 on the Mac brings a big redesign

The new Parallels 17 officially lets you run Windows 11 on your Mac

You can get a Touch ID-equipped Magic Keyboard without buying a whole iMac now

Live Text is no longer an M1-exclusive in Apple’s newest macOS Monterey beta