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Apple extends recycling offer to iPhone, will help fund your 4S upgrade


If you're a current iPhone owner with hopes of upgrading to the 4S come October 14th, priority number one is figuring what to do with the model you've got right now. For the first time, Apple is providing its users with a solution. The company recently added the iPhone line to its recycling program, operated in partnership with PowerON. The way it works is fairly simple: PowerOn will assess the value of your phone based on a variety of factors including physical appearance, battery health, and prior water damage. For instance, a 32GB iPhone 4 in near perfect shape will net $200. Send your device out via complimentary prepaid shipping and then keep an eye on the mailbox for your reward. Payment comes in the form of an Apple gift card, so if the goal was collecting some cold hard cash, you'll need to look elsewhere.

Speaking of which, although this option may be simple, the convenience winds up costing you a decent chunk of profit. Other methods such as eBay or Craigslist are likely to yield better results, but they also require more effort. If you should decide to go the easy route, worry not, as $200 will cover a brand new 16GB iPhone 4S on contract with the carrier of your choosing. Besides, selling your iOS device back to Apple seems an appropriate way of bringing things full circle, no?