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Logitech AirPlay speaker outed by Amazon UK

Logitech's joining the AirPlay party

Logitech Air Speaker
Logitech Air Speaker

It seems that Logitech will finally be joining Apple's AirPlay party, as its new Air Speaker was outed early by Amazon UK and caught by Zatz Not Funny. While it evokes an iconic design, this one will play music wirelessly through your iOS devices and computers with iTunes like the rest of its peers. A hideaway dock will allow you to charge your iDevice and play your music from devices not graced with AirPlay compatibility. The speaker itself will need to be connected to an outlet at all times, which — while a shame for those of you who like your speakers portable — is consistent with Apple's vision of AirPlay devices being household items. There's even an Ethernet port in the back if you're really serious about it not going anywhere. The page has since been taken down, and while no pricing info or release date was confirmed, an Amazon product page and images make us think it can't be too far off.