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Pixelmator 2.0 for Mac brings new graphic editing tools to budget-minded artists

Pixelmator 2.0
Pixelmator 2.0

Pixelmator for Mac came out in 2007 as an alternative to Photoshop that was easier to use and less expensive, but also less capable. Four years later, Pixelmator 2.0 blurs the line between professional and amateur photo editing. While it certainly still doesn't have the comprehensive feature set found in Photoshop, it does have new tools like vector-based drawing and retouching tools, Content-Aware Fill for removing unwanted elements, Healing Tools for removing wrinkles and blemishes, a Sponge Tool for adding and removing color, and more. The new software also brings support for OS X Lion's Full Screen, Versions, and Auto Save features.

The company was careful not to lose its biggest advantage over Photoshop — Pixelmator 2.0 is available on the Mac App Store for $29.99, though the upgrade is free if you purchased the earlier version from the App Store. While it may not appeal to professionals in the graphical editing field — Photoshop is synonymous with the craft for a reason, after all — those who don't need all the features of Adobe's star child might have just found their next purchase.