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Divided Bill Splitter app for iOS eases post-dining pain

divided app
divided app

Even though smartphones are everywhere these days, which means high powered calculators are merely a tap (and maybe a dollar or two) away, splitting the bill is still a giant heartache. Mike Rhodes' $1.99 Divided app is the newest iOS contender that promises to assuage your bill splitting existential pain, and it presents you with a minimalist style à la Calvetica or Agenda.

Divided offers a clean interface for adding the pre-tip total, number in your party, and the tip percentage. If you're not splitting the bill straight, you can add or subtract adjustments by individual members depending on their dishes or drinks, and there's an option to let someone pay for more than one person in the party. Plus, you can add names to any of these individual adjustments in order to keep separate payments organized. It's a straightforward, no frills interface and may help you walk away from your next big group meal without feeling like you unfairly got the brunt of the bill. Or you could just deal with the stress and pay up.