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Apple has sold 250 million iOS devices

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Tim Cook 250 million
Tim Cook 250 million

Apple has just announced that it has sold 250 million iOS devices. That's 130 million devices since last year, when Apple announced the grand total was 120 million. Apple also dropped a few more stats, including 18 billion total iOS app downloads -- currently coming in at a clip of a billion per month. Apple's iOS app library now consists of 500,000 apps, including 140,000 iPad-specific apps, maintaining its lead over the rest of the competition by a very wide margin.

The quarter-billion iOS devices is a very large number and likely consists of plenty of iPhone 4 devices, which account for over half of all iPhones sold, ever. There are also likely more than a few iPod touches in there as well. Apple has sold a total of 300 million iPods, including 45 million iPods since last June. In the 10 years the iPod has been on the market, it has remained at or above 70 percent marketshare the entire time. iPads of course are selling well too, Cook say that it is the "undisputed top selling tablet in the world" and that "three of four tablets sold in the US are iPads."

A gallery of Apple's big iOS numbers is after the break!