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MSI Afterburner for iOS lets you overclock your GPU with your iPhone

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Micro-Star International has released an iOS version of its Afterburner app, allowing users to remotely tweak the performance of their PC graphics card.

MSI Afterburner App for iOS
MSI Afterburner App for iOS

Hardcore gamers and graphics card tweakers used to staying away from the Mac's locked-down hardware can now integrate some Apple into their workflow, using Micro-Star International's Afterburner iOS app to overclock and overvolt their PC graphics card. The app serves as a Wi-Fi remote for the motherboard and videocard maker's Afterburner utility, which allows users to tweak GPU, shader, and memory clock speeds, adjust voltages, and monitor the card's performance in real time. The universal app runs on all iOS devices, with the iPad version providing longer sliders to help you easily zero in on a particular setting.

You'll need version 2.1.0 of the Afterburner utility installed, and while MSI says any PC with a discrete graphics card running Windows XP or higher will work, only MSI's graphics cards are guaranteed to provide the full suite of Afterburner features. While the app certainly isn't breaking any new ground — an Android version has been available since earlier this year — it's nice to see iOS users get in on some of the fun.