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Camera+ app for iPhone updated to bring back volume button as shutter feature

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The Camera+ app by developer tap tap tap is bringing back its VolumeSnap feature, which allows usage of the volume button as a shutter release. It had this feature in the first version of the app released last year, but the app was rejected from the app store for it.

Camera+ VolumeSnap
Camera+ VolumeSnap

Camera+ gained attention last year by being among the first apps to use the volume button as a shutter release — a feature it called VolumeSnap — before being pulled from the App Store for "non-standard" usage of the volume button. With the feature now implemented into iOS 5, the non-standard has become standard, and developer Tap Tap Tap has updated its app to once again include VolumeSnap. The feature, combined with all the settings that Camera+ offers over the iPhone's stock camera app (including exposure controls, scene modes, and effects), should please those who wish to use their iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S more like a point-and-shoot camera. The updated app is now available on the App Store.