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Grand Central Apple Store to be largest in the world, announced Tuesday?

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Rumor has it Apple is gearing up to open its largest store in the world in New York City's Grand Central station on November 22nd.

apple store grand central
apple store grand central

Apple's next big brick-and-mortar is on the cusp of its official debut, if 9to5mac is to be believed. The outlet is reporting that a new flagship Apple Store for New York City's Grand Central station will be announced this Tuesday, November 22nd, and is set to be Apple's largest in the world. The current largest Apple Store is in Covent Garden, London.

There are already four Apple Stores in New York City, including the famous Fifth Avenue "Cube," but the new store could likely become just as renowned. Grand Central is a prime location in the city, with 750,000 people passing through its gates daily. The Apple Store iOS app recently got an overhaul, allowing U.S. customers to skip the checkout process and pay for certain items themselves, among other things. It'll be interesting to see if Apple tweaks its already tried and true shopping experience.