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Is Apple hiring executives to expand iCloud?

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According to a Wall Street Journal Report, Apple seems to be strengthening its iCloud service with experienced high-level executives, and new apps that leverage the web.


It's no secret that Apple is making a major move into the cloud, and now it looks like Cupertino is looking to further strengthen its iCloud services. The Wall Street Journal's sources say the company is looking for senior executives with web-based software backgrounds, and considering building new apps that use the web to reduce the need for people to carry multiple devices. According to the Journal, Apple approached at least one prominent internet entrepreneur concerning a position earlier this year, and has also discussed its needs with recruiters. The company doesn't usually seek the assistance of head hunters, so it appears to be expanding outside its traditional hiring pool this time. We don't know what ideas are cummulating in Cupertino, but we'll let you know when we find out.