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BBC releases UK iPlayer iPhone app, enables 3G streaming for iOS devices

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The BBC has released a new iPlayer iOS app which works in the iPhone in the UK and enables 3G streaming.

BBC iPlayer for iPhone
BBC iPlayer for iPhone

The BBC has finally released an iPlayer iPhone app for the UK (the global iPlayer app was released earlier this month) and enabled 3G streaming for its iPlayer service on all iOS devices. Until now, iPhone and iPod touch users were stuck with bookmarking the webpage and everyone on iOS had to use Wi-Fi to enjoy "mobile" streaming of the latest Doctor Who episode, while other phones on 3 UK and Vodafone had no such restriction. The BBC says an update should also come for Android next year, which will allow 3G streaming and other improvements on Google's OS. Meanwhile, we're still waiting for iPlayer to be enabled in the US; until that day, Americans are limited to a hamstrung Youtube channel, moving to Canada, or something naughty.