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Ron Wayne's early Apple documents include preliminary Apple I case design, original logo

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Apple Computer, Inc. co-founder Ron Wayne recently showed off a set of documents from the early days of the company, including some pencil drawings of an Apple I case that was never produced.

Early Apple I Design
Early Apple I Design

The founding of Apple Computer, Inc. is traditionally portrayed as a two-man affair, but there was a third individual there at the beginning: Ronald Wayne. Wayne withdrew as a partner 11 days later, but Engadget spent some time with him recently and discovered an assortment of documents from the company's early days. Amongst the papers were pencil drawings of an Apple I case that Steve Jobs reportedly asked Wayne to design (it was ultimately not used), an Apple I instruction manual, and a copy of the original Apple logo that Wayne himself created. He also showed hIs withdrawal agreement from the company, as well as a copy of the original Apple founding documents. Wayne's originals recently sold at auction for $1.3 million.