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Apple replacing faulty first generation iPod nanos with current-generation models

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Apple ships current-generation iPod nanos in fulfillment of its first generation replacement program.

iPod nano replacement
iPod nano replacement

Apple is now shipping replacement iPod nanos to owners of the first generation music player. However, instead of replacing the 5-year old units with refurbished 1st gen models per the norm, Apple is shipping 6th generation iPod nanos with multitouch displays to affected customers.

The "exploding iPod nano" issues have been well documented for years. Apple initiated its first replacement program in Korea in 2009 followed by a similar program in Japan a year later. It was extended to a total of 19 countries last month, calling for the replacement of all iPod nanos sold between September 2005 and December 2006 due to a risk of overheating caused by a manufacturing defect in some batteries — a risk that intensifies as the battery ages.

Image credit Dan Wong