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Fireplace app for Mac warms you up 8-bit style

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Ted Martens' retro Fireplace app has come to OS X, allowing Mac users to turn their machines into pixellated log fires. The app was made available on Windows last year.


We're getting deeper into winter by the day, and Ted Martens is doing his best to keep Mac users toasty — his free Fireplace app has just become available for OS X, joining the Windows version that came out last year. Fire it up, type "log" and "match", and watch the pixellated flames dance across your screen. It responds to other text commands, too, such as "sausage", "marshmallow" and the all-important "eat". The hi-fi audio crackling and lo-fi video flickering make for an offbeat combination, and turn your Mac into a cozy ornament for the holiday season. Now just load up a couple of Flash-heavy sites in the background, and you'll have the heat as well.