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Apple iTV will arrive in 32- and 37-inch sizes this summer, says DigiTimes

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Suppliers are preparing for Q2 or Q3 launch of Apple iTV television according to DigiTimes.

AirPlay Mirroring with iPad 2
AirPlay Mirroring with iPad 2

Rumors of an Apple television have resurfaced with supply chain sources telling DigiTimes that they're starting to prepare components for 32- and 37-inch "iTV" sets launching in Q2 or Q3 of 2012. According to the Taiwanese publication, suppliers will begin preparing materials in Q1 to prepare for the mid-year production ramp up.

The mythical Apple television has been rumored for years, but picked up steam after Steve Jobs was quoted in Walter Isaacson's biography saying that he'd "finally cracked it." The Wall Street Journal recently weighed in with sources claiming that media executives were being briefed on a new Apple TV that can stream "shows, movies, and other content." The WSJ also reported on Apple's multi-million dollar investment in a Sharp plant that will manufacture LCD panels for the next generation iPhone and iPad, and the iTV too according to analysts.