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    Apple's internal iOS code names follow wintry theme

    Apple's internal iOS code names follow wintry theme


    Apple's internal codenames for versions of iOS have been revealed by homebrew developer Steve Troughton-Smith. They follow a winter theme, with the upcoming version 5.1 to be called Hoodoo after an Oregon ski resort.

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    iphone panda
    iphone panda

    When it comes to code names for operating systems, most people think of Android's dessert flavor theme and Mac OS X's big cats, but iOS hasn't yet been let in on the fun — at least, not outside Cupertino. According to homebrew developer Steve Troughton-Smith, though, Apple's internal code names for its mobile OS carry a consistent theme mostly inspired by winter sports. For example, the upcoming 5.1 update is apparently named Hoodoo after a ski resort in Oregon, with previous versions carrying names like Alpine and Big Bear. The full list of code names and their corresponding OS version is below for easy reference while you're relaxing in the chalet.

    • 1.0: Alpine (1.0.0 – 1.0.2:Heavenly)
    • 1.1: Little Bear (1.1.1: Snowbird, 1.1.2: Oktoberfest)
    • 2.0: Big Bear
    • 2.1: Sugarbowl
    • 2.2: Timberline
    • 3.0: Kirkwood
    • 3.1: Northstar
    • 3.2: Wildcat (iPad only)
    • 4.0: Apex
    • 4.1: Baker
    • 4.2: Jasper (4.2.5 – 4.2.10: Phoenix)
    • 4.3: Durango
    • 5.0: Telluride
    • 5.1: Hoodoo