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WSJ: Apple's new ebook initiative to be led by iWork executive

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The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Apple's education event on January 19th will reveal a textbook-building initiative led by Roger Rosner, VP of productivity applications.

Apple event
Apple event

As ever with the days leading up to Apple events, speculation and anticipatory stories are piling up. This time it's the Wall Street Journal, which is reporting that the "GarageBand for ebooks" initiative is to be spearheaded by Roger Rosner, Apple's current VP for productivity applications. The announcement will indeed focus around tools for creating digital textbooks, according to the WSJ, and Mr. Rosner's experience with Apple software such as iWork would certainly seem to make him a natural fit for the task. We don't have to wait too long to see if this rumor plays out, in any case — Apple's announcement will be made this Thursday morning.