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Seven months later, Final Cut Pro X is still driving video pros away

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After Apple released Final Cut Pro X, many video pros said that the software was too different and missed some important features. Seven months later, they still feel that way.

Final Cut Pro X
Final Cut Pro X

Apple had for years cornered the market on video editing software, but when it released Final Cut Pro X in June of 2011, things started to shift: the initial response to the new software was that it was too different, and ignored too many features pros need. Of course, if all the "100,000 strong against the new Facebook" groups are any indication, then first responses are not to be trusted, but even seven months later the sentiment hasn't changed. Ars Technica spoke with people at several production facilities, and found that overwhelmingly the pros feel like they're being ignored by Apple's new consumer focus, and are turning to other software and platforms in droves. Hit the source below for the full article, and don't be surprised to see Mac-heavy editing studios continue to disappear unless Apple changes something soon.