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Dropbox for iOS updated with automatic photo uploads, gallery view, and a new way to earn bonus storage

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Dropbox has updated its iOS app with new features including automatic photo/video uploads, a new gallery view, and the ability to move or delete multiple files at once.

Dropbox iOS 1.5 update 2
Dropbox iOS 1.5 update 2

Dropbox has just updated its iOS client to version 1.5, and the new release includes some notable additions. First on the list is automatic uploads for photos and videos in your camera roll (over both Wi-Fi and cellular connections), a nice perk that Android users have been able to take advantage of for some time now. After updating, the app will prompt you for permission to store your images and movie clips the next time you open it. Directly related to this feature is a unique new method of earning some extra storage for your account. Dropbox is rewarding users that automatically upload photos and videos with up to 3GB of bonus capacity, doled out in 500MB increments. Presumably the allotment of storage you receive will directly correlate with the amount of media you upload to the cloud service.

With such a dramatic push into photo and video hosting, it would make sense that the company would want to implement a better method for users to view their content on the go, and they've done just that with a new gallery view. There are a number of other enhancements wrapped inside this update, including the ability to move / delete sets of multiple files at once and upload files of any size. Dropbox 1.5 for iOS is available now in the iTunes App Store.